Nature, Food, and Happy Horses!

Hi there, fellow nature, gardening and sustainability enthusiasts! Get ready to explore my little green haven, where permaculture, square foot gardening, and paddock paradise horse-keeping reign supreme. Let’s dive right into the heart of sustainable living, growing our own food, and creating a horse-friendly haven.

Permaculture Food Forest Garden
Step into my permaculture food forest garden, a wild and thriving oasis that’s got Mother Nature cheering. Picture this: fruit trees reaching for the skies, berry bushes bursting with juicy delights, and an abundance of perennial veggies tickling your taste buds. In spring 2019 I started crafting this garden to mimic nature’s genius, where plants work together like old friends, supporting and nourishing one another. We’ll dig into the secrets of permaculture, learning how to cultivate resilient and productive landscapes that make both our stomachs and the Earth happy.

Square Foot Garden in the Greenhouse
Now, let’s take a peek inside my greenhouse (built in spring 2023) – a treasure trove of flavors and green goodness. Here, in my square foot garden, I’ve cracked the code on maximizing space and minimizing effort. Imagine plucking crisp lettuce, fragrant herbs, and plump veggies all year round. We’ll roll up our sleeves and explore the art of square foot gardening, sharing tips on creating nutrient-rich soil, cleverly arranging crops, and reveling in the joys of an abundant harvest. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Happy Horses in a Small Paddock Paradise
Now, let’s not forget about my four-legged friends! They’re the heart and soul of this sustainable oasis. In our tiny paddock paradise, our 2 ponies roam freely, munching on grass, and engaging in all the horsie shenanigans they love. It’s all about providing a space that satisfies their natural instincts and allows them to be their magnificent, majestic selves. Together, we’ll explore the wonders of horse-friendly environments, from enriching features to fostering their herd dynamics. Saddle up and get ready for a wild ride!

Renovating my Home: A Sustainable Transformation In 2017
As a family we took on the challenge to completely renovate an existing simple house into our sustainable dream. We transformed an old (1964) poorly insulated energy guzzling house into an energy-efficient home. Through meticulous renovations and eco-conscious choices, we turned this property into a sustainable haven. Join me as we delve into the tale of sustainable home renovations, sharing tips and insights on insulation, renewable energy sources, water conservation, and more. Let’s celebrate the beauty of creating a living space that treads lightly on our planet.

So, join me on this adventure, where sustainability meets joy and where nature, food, sustainable DIY projects and happy horses collide. Together, let’s embrace the wonders of sustainable living, nurture our connection with the Earth, and celebrate the simple joys of growing our own food. It’s time to let our green thumbs (and hooves) run wild!